Control Cine Service Italia Srl was founded in 1994 by the acquisition of the shares of the National Control Cine, a company that since 1959 focused almost exclusively on services for rental homes film.

The passion, the commitment and presence in the regions have made our company a leader in the control and monitoring of the film structures throughout Italy, offering distributions and productions services quality and quantity as the control of receipts and attendance, monitoring trailers, detection of advertising and affermandoci exposed as a reference point for the anti-piracy security services.

Over the years, in tandem with the growth of the Company and with the rapid developments in the market, Control Cine Service Italy has deeply innovated and expanded its services to offer the customer solutions business increasingly specific and targeted.

Next to the traditional business unit "Check in Cinemas", has been progressively implemented a range of marketing research services (Mystery Client and Mystery Shopping, Customer Satisfaction, Exit Polls, Competition analysis, statistics) in order to support companies and studies consulting in marketing strategies and decision making processes.

Based on this expertise built over decades of operation, the company has specialized in recent years in the provision of key-in-hand in organizing the logistics of events, film and not: Premiere, Festivals, Concerts, Party , Promotional events, road shows, conventions, providing expert services ranging from security to reception, by transfer all'accreditation system, the organizing secretary to the selection of location and catering.

To date, Control Cine Service Italia has become a really comprehensive and innovative, able to provide exclusive services to 360 °, highly skilled and qualified.


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