Monitoring Billboards

Support services to business and media centers for verification and careful monitoring of correct placement of billboards and advertising campaigns ( static and dynamic ) throughout the country.
Our operators monitor the proper matching of advertising material and will draw up a full report available in real time via the portal.

Main aspects of monitoring :

  • Country presence
  • Check exact correspondence than the agreed plan
  • Photographic documentation
  • Position of the individual panels with respect to the direction of travel
  • visibility Car
  • Presence Batteries ( No. billboards consecutive )
  • Integrity of creativity ( presence of any tears, defects , etc.).
  • Media quality poster
  • When briefing the customer will have the ability to edit or add more aspects to be monitored
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Socio Sostenitore QMS LOGO 9001 2016


Ai sensi dell’art. 1, comma 125 quinques del D.Lgs 124/2017 si comunica di aver ricevuto aiuti di Stato nel corso dell’anno 2020 e 2021 come indicato nel Registro Nazionale degli Aiuti ( oltre a:
Contributi credito locazione da Agenzia delle Entrate per euro 5.122
Contributi fondo perduto da Agenzia delle Entrate per euro 37.923
Stralcio Acconto Irap 2020 da Agenzia delle Entrate per euro 1.428