Security & Close Protection

The experience gained over the years in the industry allows us to select for each situation the most appropriate and specialized security service: from the personal safety bodyguard to the management of the entire event, providing highly qualified professionals and the use of advanced technologies.

Nothing is left to chance! Our professionals are constantly updated on the techniques related to personal protection and security at events and follow training courses in accordance with current regulations (Decree Maroni).

Control Cine Service is responsible for the most important companies and personalities from the world of business and entertainment, by providing security services personnel at major events. Our monitoring services are offered throughout Europe, providing personalized assistance and effective in every situation and circumstance. We also offer services of Prevention and Care in General Store and Grand Hotels.

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Ai sensi dell’art. 1, comma 125 quinques del D.Lgs 124/2017 si comunica di aver ricevuto aiuti di Stato nel corso dell’anno 2020 e 2021 come indicato nel Registro Nazionale degli Aiuti ( oltre a:
Contributi credito locazione da Agenzia delle Entrate per euro 5.122
Contributi fondo perduto da Agenzia delle Entrate per euro 37.923
Stralcio Acconto Irap 2020 da Agenzia delle Entrate per euro 1.428